Suit Alterations in Sydney CBD, Paddington and the Eastern Suburbs: What You Need to Know


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Few things are sadder on a person than an ill-fitting suit, and yet it’s probably something you see all the time. Prominent political leaders, titans of industry and pillars of local communities are often guilty of the same fashion mistake: they wear expensive suits, but don’t bother to have them properly tailored. What’s the point of spending money on a luxury garment if it doesn’t look perfect on you? We don’t know, but we don’t intend to help anybody find out. If a piece of clothing is supposed to help you look your best, it needs to do just that. Approximations simply won’t cut it.


That’s why finding someone to perform suit alterations in Sydney CBD, Paddington or the Eastern Suburbs is an important part of maintaining your wardrobe. This can be as important for new clothes as it is for garments that you’ve had for years. It’s very uncommon for something you’ve just purchased to fit your body in exactly the right proportions, and even if it does, the fact is that your body is going to change with time. Your clothing won’t change along with it, though—unless you have it tailored.


When you’re looking for suit alterations in Paddington, the Eastern Suburbs or Sydney CBD, you’ll want to be careful about the tailor you choose. Tailoring was always done according to strict traditions that made it a premium service, but in recent years the trend has turned towards quick solutions relying on heavy machinery and less expensive labour from overseas. These methods raise significant concerns, both about the level of service and the ethics involved in the manufacturing process. Your best bet for high quality work that you can feel good about is to hire a local tailor for suit alterations near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Paddington or the CBD.


Rochefort Tailor aims to bring tailoring back to the way it used to be, with an uncompromising approach to the work we do that echoes the time-honoured tailoring traditions. When you bring a garment to us for tailoring, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve had it altered on London’s famous Savile Row.


In House Sydney Suit Alterations


Some tailors simply take your measurements, then ship your garments overseas to have them worked on by underpaid or under-qualified labourers. We have never used that approach, and we’re not about to start now. We use in-house tailors for every job so that you know master craftspeople craft your clothes. It also guarantees a higher quality of work, so that you can be confident you’ll love the finished product.


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Altering a suit takes time, so make sure you contact us at your earliest convenience. That way, you’ll be able to get your garments back sooner and look your best when the right time comes. Feel free to call Rochefort Tailor and ask for a quote. We’re more than happy to provide one and to answer any questions you may have.




Make a no-obligation appointment at Rochefort’s Sydney CBD workshop

Feel free to ask any questions you have about our tailoring or please make a no-obligation appointment to visit our shop/workshop, located in the Sydney CBD. While our focus is tailoring and outfitting, Rochefort is also happy to help with alteration work.

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