Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Tailoring

Rochefort has been steadily growing and building its local workshop to tailor bespoke and made-to- measure clothing and suiting. While our made-to- measure suiting is a great entry level for people wanting to step up from ready-to- wear, our bespoke tailoring service is true tailoring at its best.

A made-to- measure suit with your fabric choice, correct styling, and great measurement and posture notes, will ensure an even better fit to anything you’ve ever bought retail – expect 4 – 5 weeks’ turnaround and one to two fittings. Our bespoke tailoring is a superior local service, enabling you to choose from a vast amount of fabrics to adopting one of many styling techniques, inherent to English, European or American tailoring. Rochefort also prides itself on fittings which is three to four for a bespoke garment. A bespoke jacket or suit will take roughly seven to eight weeks.

Tailored trousers and waistcoats take on average three to four weeks to complete. We stand behind each suit in its quality of cloth, design and tailoring and always happy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tailored Shirting

We use only the best cottons from European mills Tessitura Monti and Canclini and with many weaves and patterns, can match fabrics to styling requests from business to smart casual. Customising each shirt includes every aspect including collar, cuffs, pleats and pockets to buttons.

Rochefort recommends each new client order no more than two to three shirts to commence, as the perfect fit can take a couple of visits. We ask you to wear your shirts and then discuss so Rochefort is able to make any further adjustments to your pattern. Shirts take on average three weeks.

Ladies Tailoring – Bespoke suiting and shirting

Rochefort offers a bespoke service for ladies tailoring, averaging four fittings to gain the best possible fit and look for a female figure. The process is the same as men’s, from selecting from our extensive fabric range, styling jacket, skirt and trouser, to correct number of fittings.
A suit or jacket will take on average seven weeks, trousers and skirt up to four weeks. Ladies tailored shirting has an extensive measuring and styling process. We have an impressive range of fabrics available and including Tessitura Monti and Canclini of Italy.

Alterations and Clean & Press

Rochefort offers a premium alteration service for its own tailored garments as well as other tailored suits – all performed inhouse by experienced tailors. We prefer to say that Rochefort tailors each suit rather than alter. We do ask for an appointment to try on any garment to be able to determine what needs to be done and a quote can be prepared while you wait.

Rochefort offers an excellent pressing and dry cleaning service for its suits. Additionally, we can recommend quality dry cleaners in Sydney; who will do the right job. The romantic notion of dry cleaning “once a season” is a maximum number of times each year; short of the suit being stained. A press can work just as well to give a suit ‘life’. And a press does not just mean flat when we a jacket, but can create shape to a jacket’s ‘chest’ to improve a fit even more. Press: $50 Dry Clean and Press: $75

Tailored Neckties

Rochefort has a great number of neckties available instore, but is also known for its locally tailored neckties made to any number of models; including four, six and seven-fold ties. Of course, if you order a bespoke necktie, you can determine length, width and its basic shape.

Rochefort sources its silks from well-known mills in Italy and England.

Make a no-obligation appointment at Rochefort’s Sydney CBD workshop