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In the world of business, making an excellent first impression is sometimes the key to a successful interaction. Whether it’s interviewing for an important position or promotion or working hard to close the deal, looking and feeling good can give you a vital confidence boost. Mass-produced suits might work for a while, but they are far from the level of comfort and utility you could find from an appropriately tailored garment. When you wear a business suit that accounts for the unique shape of your body and its proportions, you’ll feel vastly more comfortable throughout your work day. More than that, though, there’s simply no beating the professional look they lend to your appearance.


Today, professionals searching for bespoke business suits available near the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney don’t have to travel far for the quality garments they need. Rochefort is a traditional tailor creating hand-crafted, meticulously measured suits that represent the best in comfort and craftsmanship. The fundamental difference we offer is a service that goes beyond merely offering fittings. We create your bespoke business suits right here in the Sydney CBD on the premises in our own workshop. Over time, we will come to understand everything you need in a suit. How does that process work?


A traditional approach to bespoke business suits in the Sydney CBD


Many people don’t know just how much goes on in our workshop in Sydney to make bespoke business suits. For our clients, producing the perfect suit begins with an initial fitting session. With a custom suit, there is no pattern for us to draw from; we start by taking all the necessary measurements. With a good sense of your body, we will create the first suit pattern from scratch.


We then like to employ a technique known as a “basted fitting.” In this session, you don the in-progress suit. This allows us to see where the tailor should make changes and provides you with an opportunity to present us with feedback. This collaborative process ultimately produces the bespoke suits you requested, created to exacting specifications. The entire process takes approximately eight weeks and includes four fittings. We strive to ensure your every visit is comfortable, friendly, and productive.


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We hope this quick overview gives you a sense of both the care that goes into our work as well as the quality of the bespoke business suits Paddington residents can request at Rochefort. With many additional customisation choices available, we look forward to creating your ideal business attire. Based on the amount of time we require to fabricate all the elements of a custom suit, we encourage you to visit our establishment at your convenience. You may contact us to book an appointment, or simply arrive at your leisure; we are happy to accommodate walk-in clients. Because we have a workshop on-site, we can begin immediately. Please call on 2 9264 4408 to discuss further details.





Make a no-obligation appointment at Rochefort’s Sydney CBD workshop

Feel free to ask any questions you have about our tailoring or please make a no-obligation appointment to visit our shop/workshop, located in the Sydney CBD. While our focus is tailoring and outfitting, Rochefort is also happy to help with alteration work.

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