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Clothes may not make the man, but they certainly make the man look good. This isn’t always the case, though, and sometimes it’s obvious—for instance when a person is wearing a suit or a shirt that clearly doesn’t fit them. There are also other factors that affect the degree to which suits and shirts serve their intended purpose, such as the quality of the materials used and the way that they’re assembled to create the finished product. Without the right cloth, the right styling and a skilled tailor to put it all together, it can become tough for a suit or shirt to look just right—and you shouldn’t wear anything that doesn’t, especially when you’re trying to make a good impression.


This makes it important to find a reliable tailor whose methods produce desirable results. There are different ways to put a suit together, after all—and the same goes for shirts. Many people are familiar with the machine-driven methods used in most retail stores. These may produce inexpensive garments that look good on department store mannequins, but it’s far less likely that they’ll fit your body perfectly. In fact, the only way to get a garment that looks like it was made for you is to get one that was. There are several ways you can accomplish this, but one of the most popular choices is to order made to measure suits or shirts in Sydney CBD. With a made to measure garment, we adjust the pattern for the piece of clothing to measurements based on the customer’s shape and size, producing a finished product that fits far better than anything purchased off the shelf.


A reliable choice for made to measure shirts or suits in Sydney CBD is Rochefort Tailor — Shirtmaker — Tiemaker. Since 2002, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide the residents of Sydney and nearby areas with suiting that is quite literally a cut above what you’ll find in modern menswear shops and fashion chains. Using in-house tailors who take their craft extremely seriously, our shirts and suits bring out the best in all who wear them.


Easily Customised Sydney Made to Measure Suits and Shirts


When you shop with us in Sydney for made to measure shirts or suits, we do more than simply take your measurements. We also consult with you on the type of fabric and specific style that you want for your garments, so that you can feel and look perfectly turned out. Choose from a huge library of fabric samples that come from a wide range of British and European weavers.


Need Alterations? No Problem


We know that bodies change, so if a custom-tailored suit you’ve had for years no longer fits exactly the way it once did, just bring it to us. Our alteration service is just as detailed as our made to measure tailoring, and we’ll get you back to that snug, snappy feeling in no time. Let Rochefort Tailor be your personal wardrobe assistants. Contact us today for more information.





Make a no-obligation appointment at Rochefort’s Sydney CBD workshop

Feel free to ask any questions you have about our tailoring or please make a no-obligation appointment to visit our shop/workshop, located in the Sydney CBD. While our focus is tailoring and outfitting, Rochefort is also happy to help with alteration work.

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