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Your marriage is one of the biggest milestones in your life, and you want everything about the day to be memorable. When you look back at the photos from your wedding day, each image should seem as perfect as a postcard, with every detail meticulously and immaculately arranged—from the location to the wedding cake and the outfits. What you’re wearing on the big day will be especially important. How often have you heard a relative or friend talk about the garments they wore on their wedding day? Those items of clothing are special, and they carry a significance that lasts a lifetime. That’s why it’s important that the suit you wear at your wedding fits you as though it was constructed with you inside it.


There’s only one way to get a fit that perfect, though, and you won’t find it in a regular menswear store. Clothing that comes from a retail location never quite fits properly, because it isn’t made for individual people—it’s made based on averages and approximations. Your wedding is about your individuality, not your proximity to some general idea of a person. You don’t want something that fits ‘pretty well’. You want something that fits you, and only you.


Even a made to measure suit may not cut it for something as special as a wedding, however. While it’s true that made to measure is a noticeable step above mass produced clothing, the only way to achieve the perfect fit is to shop for bespoke wedding suits, whether in Sydney CBD, Paddington or the Eastern Suburbs. A bespoke suit refers to every detail of its design being ‘spoken for’ and carefully considered. To achieve this, a tailor fits the garment on its future owner no less than four times—once for the suit jacket, trousers, shirt and vest, respectively.


Where Do You Find Them?


Bespoke wedding suits in Paddington, the Eastern Suburbs or Sydney CBD don’t have to be difficult to come across, either. You just have to find a tailor who can create them. One of the only tailors available for such a job near any of these areas is Rochefort Tailor, located in the St James Trust Building. Since 2002, we’ve set out to raise the bar for quality tailoring in the Sydney area, employing in-house tailors to create a variety of premium garments including bespoke wedding suits for the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Paddington and the CBD.


Sydney Bespoke Wedding Suits with Every Possible Consideration


There’s no point in doing a job unless you’re going to do it well—at least, that’s what we believe. That’s why we use methods like full canvas construction and basted fittings to ensure the finest quality from our finished products. Full canvas construction involves running canvas through the full length of the jacket, which creates a more elegant shape for the chest and torso, whereas basted fittings mean that any suit in progress can easily be taken apart for recutting and fine tuning before being completed. All of this helps to create a truly iconic look. Call Rochefort Tailor and let us handle your big day. Years from now, when your friends and family talk about how beautiful you look in your wedding photos, you can be sure they’ll mean it.





Make a no-obligation appointment at Rochefort’s Sydney CBD workshop

Feel free to ask any questions you have about our tailoring or please make a no-obligation appointment to visit our shop/workshop, located in the Sydney CBD. While our focus is tailoring and outfitting, Rochefort is also happy to help with alteration work.

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