Select Made to Measure Suits in Eastern Suburbs, Paddington, or Sydney CBD


There are a few things that every great suit should have—quality cloth, correct styling, and local tailoring. Let’s look at each of these factors in some detail, to give you a clear picture of what we mean …read more.


Dress to Impress in the Eastern Suburbs & Paddington With Bespoke Business Suits Tailored in the Sydney CBD


In the world of business, making an excellent first impression is sometimes the key to a successful interaction. Whether it’s interviewing for an important position or promotion or working hard to close the deal, looking and feeling good can give …read more.


Find the Perfect Fit Near Paddington or the Eastern Suburbs with Bespoke Shirts from Rochefort Tailor in the Sydney CBD


Underneath the jacket and behind the tie, a man’s dress shirt is the “workhorse” of his whole outfit. Not only does it form the primary visual layer, but it also sets the standard for the day’s level of comfort. A shirt that doesn’t fit properly or …read more.


Come to the Sydney CBD from Paddington or the Eastern Suburbs to Visit Rochefort Tailor for Bespoke Suits


Today more than ever before, individuals love the ability to place their personal stamp on all aspects of their lives. From customising a social media profile and staking out a bold identity to personalised products, there’s no end to the number of ways …read more.


Look Extra Special with Bespoke Wedding Suits in Sydney CBD, Paddington and the Eastern Suburbs


Your marriage is one of the biggest milestones in your life, and you want everything about the day to be memorable. When you look back at the photos from your wedding day, each image should seem as perfect as a postcard, with every detail meticulously …read more.


Searching the Eastern Suburbs or Paddington for Fitted Suits? Visit Rochefort — Tailor — Shirtmaker — Tiemaker — Nearby in the Sydney CBD


“Dress for success” is more than simply an adage repeated over the years to job hunters and aspiring office workers. It is advice with very real potential ramifications. Anyone who has ever worn ill-fitting suits, for example, knows …read more.


Made to Measure Suits and Shirts in Sydney CBD


Clothes may not make the man, but they certainly make the man look good. This isn’t always the case, though, and sometimes it’s obvious—for instance when a person is wearing a suit or a shirt that clearly doesn’t fit them. There are also other …read more.


Suit Alterations in Sydney CBD, Paddington and the Eastern Suburbs: What You Need to Know


Few things are sadder on a person than an ill-fitting suit, and yet it’s probably something you see all the time. Prominent political leaders, titans of industry and pillars of local communities are often guilty of the same fashion mistake: they …read more.


Find Locally Tailored Shirts Beautifully Crafted by Rochefort in the Sydney CBD, Conveniently near Paddington & the Eastern Suburbs


Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect formal shirt to wear to an event or for everyday professional use, only to leave a department store empty handed? Finding a shirt that fits well and delivers comfort without compromising on visual appeal …read more.


High Quality Tailored Suits in Sydney CBD, Paddington and Eastern Suburbs


In the age of department stores and fast fashion, too many people have forgotten what it means to have a truly tailored suit. We’re not talking about general sizing charts or garments designed to fit everybody—those usually don’t fit anybody quite the right …read more.